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Psychological Counselling Psychotherapy Coaching

Increasing expectations in a rapidly changing environment and in interpersonal relationships, family, school and profession challenge us daily.

In principle every person has sufficient competencies to resolve their problems. However, people facing challenging situations in life often persist in the problem and perceive their problems to a greater degree than their capabilities. Ultimately, this inhibits them from finding a solution.

The goal is to foster awareness of your unconscious resources and thus generate new solution strategies.






Psychological Counselling

Psychological Counselling deals with acute stress-intensive situations in which help and support are required.

  • Solution of conflicts in interpersonal relationships, family, occupation and school
  • Support in decision making facing difficult life situations and life changing experiences
  • Implementation of positive thinking patterns and behaviour



Psychotherapy is used when one is suffering from long term psychological problems.

  • Depressive moods
  • Inexplicable fears
  • Psychologically challenging situations or chronic diseases

The aim of psychotherapy is to foster self-efficacy and joy for life thus alleviating psychological problems.


Systemic Therapy

My approach is based upon systemic therapy, which views the client as part of a system. This system may be a family, school, relationship or the occupational environment. Every member within the system contributes to the development, persistence and solution of the problem. The client is perceived as a symptom carrier and indicator of dysfunctional interactions within the system. Within the systemic therapy the client learns that by changing his own behaviour he is able to influence the behaviour of others and thus start resolving the problem.




Individual and Family Coaching

Coaching is not a therapy as such, but rather a method of developing ones competencies and thus simultaneously enhancing self-confidence.

Within a reasonable time frame, I assist you in fostering potentials and reaching your goals. Together we develop new ideas, observe different perspectives and thus create solutions.

  • Managing stress, preventing burnout, promotion of resilience
  • Advise on questions about personal relationships and business challenges
  • Assistance with behavioural and educational issues of children

My approach is based upon the Solution Based Brief Therapy, in which solutions for the future are not found within the past but rather within the present.


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